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Starting now!

My mom made a full on Thanksgiving dinner today. We had our actual Thanksgiving with family in Gilroy and it was great but my mom has a deep seated need to make her own turkey. So my sisters, Hailey, grandma, and Amb's mother- and brother-in-law joined us for dinner with the works. It was so good. I totally made the gravy. It was deeply amazing. You would have wept. Seriously.

In a nutshell, I'm exhausted now. I stayed up way too late last night and got up far too early. I was "helping" my mom get stuff ready this morning. I guess I was just getting in the way because I was given garbage duty a couple of times. Underfoot much? Anyway. I didn't really nap and we all know that I need my nap. Plus, I was on Bailey desensitization duty since she goes crazy with the barking whenever Amber's mother-in-law comes over. It's weird. She does that very rarely, but she just barks and barks and barks when she's here. So I had to do the meet and greet between her and Bailey. Again. Let Bailey feel safe and do some sniffing. Then everything's fine and dandy. With turkey.

In other news, tomorrow's the last day of November and, hence, the last day of NaNoWriMo and I think I clocked in at roughly 1000 words. That would make me 49,000 short. Oops. I do this every year. Part of it is that November is one of the worst months for me to completely clear my calendar. I have the kids out of school nearly more than they're in it. I have family stuff. I used to have work. Thank goodness that's not a concern this year. So, yeah. I didn't write 50,000 words. Maybe I can do it in December. Maybe.

However, I did manage to finally send out emails for the Holiday Gathering. I think we have our date set. Now I just need to send out the evites and decide what we're eating so I can hand out food assignments. We're kinda doing a potluck this year. Kinda. Okay. Fine. It's exactly like a potluck. Whatever! I think having a theme for the movies we're going to watch would be fun but I haven't come up with any great themes yet. Nothing tops the year we watched the entire Lord of the Rings extended cut trilogy. That was a ridiculous amount of movie watching. 12 hours or something insane like that. 12 hours. Yikes.

There you have it. The kids are back to a couple of weeks of a normal school schedule before being out for two weeks. The dogs are more or less on a schedule. Well, Bailey is. Ruby just pees when ever she feels the urge. Usually in the middle of my floor. Woe. Sometimes she goes into the bathroom and pees in there. Sadly, it's not on the toilet, just on the floor. Or maybe I don't mean "sadly". I guess if she did use the toilet it would be weird.

I have no idea what I'm talking about anymore.
I'm done.

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12 hours?! is this year going to be 12 hours? i can barely get through one movie without talking or doing something else...

12. 14. 16. We might be going for some sort of record this year. :D No, it won't be that long. Besides we have a tendency to let the movies play while we're doing other stuff.

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