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Obviously Cole had a fun sleep over last night and stayed up way too late because he's already asleep and has been for at least half an hour. I'd say closer to 45 minutes. Which means that I get to watch the most ridiculously bad movie(s) imaginable because the kiddo won't be hogging the TV. Awe.some.

I will admit that we had a fairly busy day on top of his friend spending the night. We got our tree this morning and spent until about noon decorating it. That means that we are fully decorated. No, wait. We haven't put up any outside stuff. That might be tomorrow. Another friend of Cole's came over in the afternoon and the three of them (plus Hailey) had a rip-roaring good time playing video games. It was so loud that I had to forgo my nap.

So, yeah. Busy day. Busy, but remarkably mellow. I like that.

My feet are cold right now. Maybe that's a sign that I should shut my window. *blink, blink* Or maybe I should extract one of my blankets from under the dogs and wrap myself up. Hmm. It might be easier to just shut the window.

I'm going to go dig an old movie out and watch it. Something that I haven't seen in many a moon. I have no idea what at this point, but something mindless and fun.


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