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... Until there is nothing left.

Geez, this week has flown by. I haven't done much with it, but it's almost gone. Interesting.

Not much going on here. jenah and her son came over for a visit today. Jenn and I watched Star Trek in gorgeous, gorgeous Blu-Ray. That's something that just needs to be experienced to be believed. It's very, very pretty. We also watched half of Watchmen but we had to stop midway because it was just too much. Too long, not too much of a movie. Or plot. Or whatever I'm trying to say. We'll pick it up next time they visit.

I hope all my American friends had a nice holiday and a nice weekend and that you're all gearing up toward that crazy Christmas stuff. *sigh* We've already decorated. We'll get the tree tomorrow and get that up and running and then it's just finishing shopping and wrapping gifts and baking. I'm going to be doing a lot of baking this year. I can feel it.

I'm done now. My brain is sleepy.

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so, two things: star trek has a tag? does that include the old and new star trek? also, where is my invite to the holiday par-tay? i need to prepare my bike for the trek...

p.s. i'm pretty sure i misused the colon, but i'm kind of drunk right now, so, whatever.

Yes, Star Trek has a tag and yes, it's for both/any versions.

I haven't sent out invites yet because I haven't figured out what weekend to have it. The only one that's bad for me is the weekend of the 12th (Amber's birthday). Are you working every weekend or are you doing anything that would conflict with the awesomeness of my Holiday Gathering? TELL ME!

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