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I guess you can stay here ...

Best things I heard today (AKA: Quotes from Hailey)

Heather (sarcastically to me): Oh, I forgot to go to church today.
me: Do they do the church thing on Thanksgiving or is it just for Christmas?
Hailey: What's church?
::No, we're not a religious family. Does it show?::

Hailey (from the back of the car): Mom, are we almost there?
Heather: Yep.
Hailey: Good. I'm going to burp the rest of the way.
::Begins burping repeatedly::

Those were some of the best things I've heard in ages. Ahahahahaha!

So. I'm tired. We were at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Gilroy and we had 5 dogs and 18 people. And a lot of food. We did have a big-ass dining room and kitchen to eat in because they just remodeled and it looks fantastic!

I'm still tired. Writing that paragraph didn't give me my second wind or anything. Go figure.
I'm out.
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