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ST-Kirk/McCoy-Kirk likes the big chair

I've heard that Kirk likes the big chair ...

I finally have my copy of Star Trek! Yay-ness! I don't know why I kept putting off buying it. Except that I was comparing prices. I ultimately ended up going with Amazon because they had it on Blu-Ray for under $20. So, there you have it. Star Trek!

Cole's at his dad's tonight. And tomorrow. And possibly tomorrow night. It just depends on whether he wants to come home after all that turkey or not. I believe I'm putting together a little get-together for Friday with jenah and her son. They haven't seen the puppy yet. :)

Speaking of which, that little stinker pooped on the floor twice today. I guess it's my fault since I didn't take her out at much as I normally do. Do you see what happens when the kids aren't in school? My schedule gets thrown all out of whack.

I'm going to go watch Mr. James T. Kirk and the Starship Enterprise doing it's thing in Blu.