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SPN-Boys on the Road

We will always remember ...

I've sat down twice to write out this journal and become distracted both times. Three's a lucky number. Right? Anyone?

I finished a book.
Book #108 - The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall - This is the sequel ... no, more like a continuation or followup to The Penderwicks. Their glorious summer vacation is over and the girls and their father are back home on Gardam Street. Faced with the idea that their beloved, widowed father is going to start dating again (at the request of their mother who didn't want him alone after she died), the girls hatch a plan to set him up on the most hideous blind dates they can manage to find. The results are predictably disastrous. This story is just... sweet. It's sweet and a little sad and it somehow captures all those little things about childhood that we've forgotten. I would definitely read both books again.

I've caught up on all my shows now since I just finished last week's Supernatural. I really liked the episode. There was something ridiculously fun about seeing all those versions of Sam and Dean. Added bonus for "How can you jump the shark if you never come down?" Hilarious!

Now I'm watching 30 Days of Night. Again. I did not like this movie the first time I saw it. I thought it was stupid and incoherent and now I'm thinking that maybe I was a little premature in my assessment. On the other hand, I'm not really watching the movie at the moment since it's on behind me so maybe it wasn't premature. :/

And finally ... Ruby and Bailey played hard for nearly 30 minutes earlier and then both of them climbed up on the bed (actually I had to lift Ruby up because she's just a little thing) and conked out. Like, practically comatose. Every once in a while, Bailey raises her head and makes sure I haven't abandoned her for the pup but other than that ... they are in the exhausted sleep of a dog who has played hard. Oh, and Ruby snores. It's very cute on a 7 pound dog.

I'm done.