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Stock-Look up and see the wonders

Look up and see the wonders I see ...

Oh.My.God. My room is a disaster. There are puppy pads on the floor, things tossed willy-nilly into my closet and my desk looks something exploded on it. Something like another desk. Yikes! I had to steam areas of the carpet where the new puppy piddled a bit. She also threw up, which was kinda gross. That got steamed as well. I'm doing laundry on a non-laundry day because the new puppy smells like the kennels and we can't give her a bath for two weeks due to her surgery.

I'm making it sound like getting the new dog was disastrous, but it really isn't. It's all just typical new dog/she's still a puppy stuff.

Both of my girls are sleeping on the bed right now. Not together. I don't think Bailey's ready for that. But they are both sleeping up there, which is a good start I think. They were both probably traumatized but the sound of the steam cleaner and had to sleep off their fright. Or something.

Coloring wise, they're very similar. They're both black with a touch of white on their chests and paws. Ruby's nose is a bit sharper and longer and she's much more petite than Bailey, but that might just be because she's still a puppy. Or at least we assume she is. We won't know for certain until we take her to the vet. Which reminds me, I'd best call them as soon as I'm done here.

I'm going to work on getting my camera back in working order so that I can show everybody how cute the two are. :)
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That's what I'm waiting for....pics!

Lol! I'm working on it!!! Stupid lithuim batteries that I don't keep on hand. *grumbles*

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