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It started as a shiver ...

We picked up our new little puppy today. She's as sweet as can be. I say this even though she's peed on my floor twice and thrown up once. I blame the surgery she had this afternoon. Poor thing. I wouldn't be feeling too great either.

Of course my camera battery decided to crap out on me today. So, no pictures. On the other hand, all she's done is curl up in her little bed and sleep so those pictures wouldn't be the greatest. I'll get some batteries tomorrow and take pictures.

Bailey's been so funny about this. She's sniffed at her a bit and hovered over her like a mother hen. She's like the big sister now. It's really sweet.

I do have both dogs and both kids sleeping in my room with me tonight. *sigh* The kids were excited about the new dog and I wasn't comfortable letting her sleep in Cole's room when she keeps throwing up and peeing on the floor. Wait. Now she's going to continue to barf and pee on my floor. Somehow this doesn't seem to benefit me.

So, there you have it. A new puppy who's not feeling real great at the moment. Poor thing
I'm out.