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I want to see what it says ...

I filled out the paperwork to adopt my new dog tomorrow. Technically, she's mine already, but we couldn't take her home until she gets spayed. Stupid laws and all that. You know a year ago I wouldn't have believed that I would have ONE dog, much less be getting the home ready for a second. *sigh* I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly and Bailey doesn't get jealous or anything.

Her name? Ruby. Ruby Roo. You know, since Bailey is Bailey Boo. Plus, that's how Scooby says his name. Ruby-Ruby Roo! She's going to get a red collar. Because her name's Ruby, sillies.

Maybe this new dog will motivate me to find my camera cord so that I can transfer my pics off my camera and show everyone my little girls.

Cole had an awesome flag football game today. Games, really. They won both of them and they just played very well. Next weekend is the end of the season. It'll be nice to have a few weeks off before getting back into it. That is, if Cole wants to play in January. If not, we'll have more than a few weeks. And that would be nice too.

The kids are out of school tomorrow for conferences. My entire schedule is going to be crazied up. Do you realize that NaNoWriMo is half way done and I still have a mighty 600 words? Yes, 600. I should be at 25,000 as of today. Whoops. I'm just a tiny bit behind. My dad asked me how the novel was coming when he called today. Well, I'm 24,400 words short at this point. But I still believe I can do this. Optimistic much?

And now I'm done.

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I'm still in shock over the news we got from Cole about the dog! LOL And yes we'll need photos for sure!
Did I tell you that MY DAD is participating in NaNoWriMo..? Because he is. Consider me shocked.

I'm still working on getting my camera up and running. Lol! I'm so slow at everything.

YOU CAN DO IT! i know you can :)
i wish i could get just one dog. you're lucky!

I adore these little buggers. And I never thought I was a dog person until we got Bailey.

Well?! Did you get her? Did you get here? Pics please.
p.s. I think you can just take the card out of the camera and put it into one your microsd slots...to download....

I have to admit that I didn't even know I had a card in my camera until I opened it up to check what type of batteries I needed. Hmm. You learn something new every day!

Ruby ruby Roooo! lol! Now I have scooby doo speak in my head. That's awesome.

Lol! Thank you! I have it in my head all the time. And I often speak it out loud!!

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