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DW-Rose-Look to the side to see it!

Shouldn't we be orphans?

I just finished watching the X-Men movies in their entirety. It was kinda fun. And now I want them all on Blu-Ray so that I can see them in all their glorious glory. Plus, I may have a little, tiny bit of a thing for Hugh Jackman when he's all growly and Wolverined up. Word.

I read a book yesterday ...
Book #107 - The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry - This book was ... fun. Fun would be the word I'm looking for. A little silly. A lot of puns. Orphans who aren't orphans but who want to be. Candy. Old-fashioned walks around the block. Twins with the same name. Babies left on doorsteps. Ridiculous sweaters. None of that makes sense when you're reading it out of context, but when you're reading it in context ... wowsers. This book takes all those things and tosses them in a blender and comes out with something that made me smile. I did like the idea that the children were looking for a way to rid themselves of their parents.
"A sea voyage often produces orphans," Barnaby A pointed out. "There are often pirates. Or icebergs."

"And sea serpents," his twin added, "even though I don't entirely believe in sea serpents."

"I believe in giant squids," Jane said with a shudder.

"Good point," Tim acknowledged. "And piranhas. Are our parents planning a vacation, by any chance? On a ship?"

I don't know. It just worked.

So. There you have it. We're doing a family thing tomorrow. I tried to do some Christmas shopping today. That didn't work out as nicely as I intended it to. The good news is that it's not like I don't have time during the week to shop, shop, shop. I just have to get out of the house and get it done.

Oh. I almost forgot. My mom and I went to the animal rescue center yesterday to look at the dogs. We didn't come home with one, but there was a sweet little girl dog that looked so much like Bailey. I might have to go back tomorrow and see if she's still available. *blink, blink* I never would have thought a year ago that I'd not only have one dog but be considering getting a second. Do you think Bailey will mind not being the only pup in the house? I think she'd love having a little friend.

Now I'm done.