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I know it because I must ...

I'm having a weird morning already. I'm completely unmotivated to get things done ... well, that's not entirely true. I'm unmotivated to get the stuff done that needs to get done around the house. The other stuff, the stuff that's fun-ish and wastes my time ... that's already done for the day. Go figure. I did manage to get a load of laundry in the wash, but everything else is just falling by the wayside. Clean the bathroom/vacuum/etc ... no, thanks.

Whatever. I'm sure my life or the house or anything else won't fall apart if I don't jump on all that stuff right this minute.

I think my sisters and I are going to go Christmas shopping tomorrow. Speaking of shopping, Amazon has all the seasons of Doctor Who on sale for half off today only. That knocks the price down to a little over $30. Umm ... I'm so tempted. I know I shouldn't spend the money, but $30 vs. $60 ... that's a big difference. I'm only missing season 3 and 4. That's a buy one get one free deal. Do you see my dilemma? Arrgh!

I'm cold. It's possibly time for me to shut my window for the cold season. Is it ridiculous to wrap yourself in blankets while the window's open? Part of me likes the crispness and part of me doesn't like how chilled my fingers get. I'm a mass of contradictions right now. A mass.

Randomly, Supernatural was preempted last night because of the 49ers game. They pushed Vampire Diaries to 9 and SPN to Saturday at 8. Weird. Thank goodness for downloads.

You know, I have nothing else to say. That doesn't happen too often. Also, my typing blows this morning. You'd think the keyboard spontaneously rearranged itself last night. But no. It's just me.

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I thought it was so weird that Supernatural didn't record but I was able to find a download AND watch it! LOL

I am the same as you with the windows :) I love the crispness in the air but like to be bundled.

I should wash your mouth out with soap for mentioning Xmas shopping. Seriously.
Another pretty icon!

Umm ... you do realize that I've been buying things off and on since August. Yes? Christmas starts early around here.

Why don't you just buy the apple tv box, then rent the movies from netflix, and download them in there? I wish I hadn't bought so many dvds...

I transferred a bunch to homemade DVD discs and those can hold up to 5 movies per disc, so I'm saving a lot of space. But some things I just want on real DVD. It might not make sense but its the truth.

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