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TVD-Cast-Long misty walk

You're welcome, he says ...

Oops. I missed another day of posting. I don't think I meant to not journal yesterday. I don't think ...

Anyway. I was having a total moment earlier today and I think I finally figured out how to get the characters in my novel into the haunted city. Honestly, I wasn't at all sure how I was going to do that. And since the whole idea of the novel is a haunted city ... well, the characters had to either end up inside it or sit around staring at each other with blank looks on their faces. So. Characters ... to the city!

Now I just have to write it.

I have had a mother of a headache for the past few hours. Movement hurts. It sets my head all a throbbing and makes me long for blessed stillness. I'm pretty sure it's not a migraine. It's just a nasty headache that feels like five dwarves with hammers pounding on the inside of my brain. Ouch. Yes, malkovich03, FIVE dwarves. No more, no less. Some of these things you just know.

The kids were out of school today and Hailey made up a doozy of a list for us to do. Things such as "Take a nap, watch Scooby, write a story, collect leaves, take Bailey for a walk, and bake stuff" were on it. I'm pleased to say that we managed to get them all done. The nap came in handy, I must say. Especially after all that other stuff. Yes, I do sleep a lot. What? Doesn't everybody?

I'm going to go now and hold myself perfectly still while I wait for the aleve to kick in.
Wish me quiet time.

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five? were they all they same strength? or were some hitting harder than others

No, they were all hitting at the same level. Because that's what dwarves do.

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