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Psych-quote-Venus by Bananarama

Go fish.

I finished another book today ...
Book #106 - The Haunted Attic (A Judy Bolton Mystery #2) by Margaret Sutton - This was kind of in the vein of Nancy Drew. Except ... not quite as good. This book was published in 1932 and things were different back then. Although Judy ultimately learns that class has nothing to do with being a good person, it was still a little jarring to read about how she didn't want to invite the "mill girls" to her party because they were the wrong sort of people. So. Judy moves to a new town and has to solve the mystery of her haunted house so that she can get the snooty girls in town to like her. Or something like that. She meets some girls that work at the mill but she's warned that being friends with them means that she can't be friends with the other girls at school. The good crowd. Nice. Real nice. She solves the mystery with the help of her brother and some of their friends. And ultimately she becomes friends with both the mill girls and the snooty girls. I don't know. I liked parts of it, but other parts were ... well, I just didn't like them. The end.

I had to pick my mom up from the airport today. I totally didn't get lost. Awesome.

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I cut my hair really short last week. I thought it was short the last time I got it cut, but this time ... it's short. It's barely below my ears now. And although it does funny things after I take my midday nap, I like it. Plus? It dries so much faster.

Hey! Did you read that part where I didn't get lost driving home from the airport? Awesome!

I have to pee. And possibly I should write a little more on that novel that hasn't been written on in a few days. Heh. Yeah. I should really get back on that. bangaboomerang is putting me to shame with her 3000+ word count days. You rock, Des! Absolutely. Unequivocally. You rock.

I'm done now. Because I have to pee.

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i try! i'm feeling kind of tapped out today. my creative flow stopped today lol

Regardless, I'm so impressed with what you've managed so far. Excellent job!

i'm back to the rut. i clamored my way up to being only 3500 behind last night! then i had a very disagreeable preschooler today and didn't get a damn thing done.

And yet ... you're a NaNoWriMo WINNER!

is it wrong that i want to cry because of that?

Absolutely not. It's fantastic that it's moved you to tears.

First of all the haircut is made of AWESOME. Secondly, say hi to your mom for me. And lastly, I finished a book yesterday too. I'm now on the LAST book in my series and I'm going to be quite sad when it's all done.

Now I HAVE to pee...bye

I have the last book in the series Cole was reading to finish and I just can't quite get it going. *sigh* Maybe that will be a Thanksgiving day book. Lol!

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