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I'm not proud ...

I apologize to anyone reading this who loathes food posts, but this one is going to be about food.

jenah and her son came over yesterday and I decided to try out a chili recipe that had caught my fancy. I chopped up some onions (I HATE chopping onions), got the base going and went in for a taste ... umm. Oh.my.god. It was awful. Like, GAG! I made my sister taste it, thinking that it was just me. No, it just tasted awful. I took a deep breath, looked at the clock and made the decision to finish up the recipe and decide once it was done whether to chuck it and go with something new. Shortly after I had put the rest of the ingredients in and had it simmering on the stove, Jenn arrived. I tentatively suggested she give it a taste to see if it was salvageable. Amazingly, it tasted awesome. Utterly amazing.

I was stunned. Thrilled, but stunned.

I would never had believed that that horrible mash of flavors in the beginning would turn into the mellow, earthy chili that we ended up with. And it was even better today.

My next food-gasm came when I decided to make a salad for dinner a bit earlier. There was a lot of stuff that made that salad really, really good. A freshly hard boiled egg, avocado, tomato. But the thing that really made it fantastic was that I made my own honey mustard dressing. I took some spicy mustard, some regular mustard and some honey and mixed it all together into a spicy-sweet bowl of love.

It was the best salad I've had in a long time.

malkovich03, I promise that I will get those questions answered. I just had to babble about food today. Sorry.

And randomly, I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine yesterday. Cole and I are watching it again right now. I honestly enjoyed it. I don't quite get why it had the loads of negativity surrounding it. I got a lot of pretty boys to look at who have kick-ass powers. Pretty boys. Boys who are pretty. You had me right there. Yes, there were some things that could have been done better or differently, but it was still fun. And that's what I was looking for.

Now I'm done.