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You know, yesterday wasn't quite as crazy as I kept thinking it was going to be. Nice. I didn't get much writing done (maybe that's why it wasn't as crazy) but I did read a book.

Book #105 - Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters #7) by Christine Feehan - The final book in the Drake Sisters series focuses on Elle, the youngest of the sisters and the one who holds all the gifts to pass on to her children. Elle has been written in the other books as someone who is uncomfortable with the legacy she's been given. She seems a little afraid of the idea that she's destined to have seven daughters who will each have the psychic gifts of her ancestors. She's quiet. The other sisters are often protective of her because she's the one that will carry on the line. Maybe because the author pushed her into the background of the other books, I never felt connected to her. Overall, it was a fulfilling ending to the overall series, but Elle's story in itself was a little weak. In the beginning she's kidnapped, raped and tortured by a madman who wants her and her psychic gifts for herself. The sisters and their respective mates (plus Jackson, who has been presented in previous books as Elle's other half) band together to save her. Elle then has to rebuild both her mind and body after the attack, all the while terrified that the man who did this to her will find her again and destroy her family simply because they're her family. The thing that bothered me is that after being brutalized by a man who sought to dominate her both mentally and physically, she turns to Jackson who is extremely Alpha. Although the writerly part of me understands the idea of advancing the story and moving Elle through the healing process, she was just far too accepting far too quickly of Jackson's dominance. It would have been nice to see her work through her issues a little more. Still, it completed the series and gave us a nice, big wedding at the end. In theory, these characters could pop up again since several dangling plot threads were introduced that could be picked up for an entire new series.

Wow. I ended up having a lot to say about that book. I wasn't expecting that.

I posted a review yesterday at blabapalooza for a simply awful Zombie movie, as well as some icons to match the new layout over there. I feel so accomplished.

And that's about it for now.

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what the h? answer my damn meme questions woman!

sorry, but i have the day off today and i'm already bored. i want something to read!

in other news, i'm going down to the social security office today to get my name hyphenated.

Ha! Sorry. I have the questions saved in my email and I keep forgetting to copy and paste them over here. I'll do it, I'll do it!

Um you didn't post today!

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