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FF-Quote-The book of my life

All this is highly overrated!

I need to update my profile. It feels a bit out of date. I can't pinpoint what it is that's out of date, but something is.

I also need to put a review up at blabapalooza. And write on my NaNoWriMo project. I'm still behind on that. Unfortunately, I'm battling a humongous case of the sleepies this morning. I can barely stay focused on any one thing long enough to get anything done. That kinda blows.

Perhaps I'll lie down for a bit now (what? It's totally acceptable to take a nap before 9 in the morning.) and write later.

That sounds like an awesome plan. Wish me good dreams that lead to an actual plot for my story. Because so far? The plot is a little thin.

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what do you mean you can't pinpoint what's out of date? It lists your end all be all as doctor who. I haven't heard you even talk about doctor who in months. You also list sara conner chronicals as your favorite tv show or something, is that even on anymore? C'mon!

No, it's more than that. Although both are valid points. It just doesn't feel like the body of it is up to date. But I can't figure out why since nothing is jumping out at me.

did you see I did another review...? holla!

I saw. I posted it over at FB. Awesome!

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