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Wow. I totally get why people used to come into the bank all pissed off after trying to talk to someone in customer service. Seriously, do those people receive any sort of training at those phone banks?

So, here's the deal ... there's this whole long story about property taxes and how you get this lovely Supplemental Tax Bill when you buy a new house, blah, blah, blah. On the bill it specifically says "This bill has not been sent to your lender. Contact them immediately if you want them to pay." Okay. That's pretty straightforward. So, I kinda put off contacting the bank because ... well, I don't have a good excuse for that. I just put off contacting them. Anyway. At the beginning of the month I received a check from the bank for the excess money in our tax account. Cool. Since I never contacted them to pay the Supplemental Tax Bill, I used money from that check to pay it. Yeah. Yesterday I got a lovely letter telling me that the bank had paid my Supplemental Tax Bill. O_o But I already paid it. When I go check my tax account, now there's not enough money to pay my property taxes in November. Cut to me trying to get ahold of someone to explain this to me. 30 minutes of being on hold later. O_o O_o O_o Not cool. So I hung up and called back this morning and ended up with the most condescending individual EVER! He didn't answer any of my questions and made me feel like an idiot. Even if I am an idiot, it's not cool to make me feel like one.

After asking the same question 3 times and getting the same non-answer, I finally told the guy that he wasn't being helpful at all and that I'd call back at a later time. Hang up. Call back. 3 minutes later I was talking to someone that was able to tell me how to fix it. Awesome. Annoying that I have to fix something that I think shouldn't have happened in the first place, but awesome that now I know how to fix it.

So, yeah. Some customer service peeps should learn how to speak to people in a non-condescending way so that I don't have to rant about it in depth on my journal. That's all I'm sayin'.

*wipes brow*

I finished my book last night.
Book #103 - The Castle of Llyr (The Chronicles of Prydain - Book 3) by Lloyd Alexander - I like how the author is making the characters grow from book to book. Taran started out as a hot-head looking for fame and he's turned into someone with a little more wisdom and patience. So, Eilonwy is sent to the Isle of Mona to learn how to act like a princess. Taran accompanies her. Eilonwy gets herself kidnapped and placed under a spell by an evil enchantress. Taran and company have to rescue her. Sort of. She kinda works on rescuing herself. All in all, a good read.

I am done now. I totally have Roswell season 3 to watch.

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I'm sorry it was such a pain in the butt. But it makes for a great post AND you did get it all fixed! FYI I'm all caught up on VD. (that sounded kinda dirty...)

I can't use the term VD. I have to type it out. Something inside of me both cringes and laughs hysterically when I try.

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