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It's a rare and astonishing thing ...

I have a lot to say. Unfortunately (or maybe I mean FORTUNATELY!), I'm completely enraptured by my current book and most of the things I want to write about are going to fall by the wayside so I can get back to it. Are you ready?

The weather is crazy here. Sunny, cloudy, windy, cold, sunny, windy, sunny. I'm not sure what type of clothes I'm supposed to be wearing. It's rather annoying.

All of the above weather was experienced during Cole's flag football games. They won game 1 and lost game 2. I think they played well as a team, especially considering they had never played together before. Practicing throwing the ball back and forth and running plays is very different from an actual game. Cole caught an interception early in the first game and really put on the speed several times to de-flag some of the kids. De-flag? That sounds dirty.

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest is AMAZING. I'm 150 pages in and I can't put the damn book down. She writes so vividly I can almost smell it. I love that feeling.

And I am done.

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i am halfway thru my second book of the compare/contract lois duncan movies to books thing. i can't quit reading long enough to wrote the reviews lol

plus, i'm drunk right now, so yeah.

Lol! So, c'mon, girl! I want my reviews! Oh, wait. It's November now. We must concentrate on our novels. How about, if you need a break from your story, head over to Blab and post away!

started the fourth and final book in the compare/contract yesterday! i will start putting them up as soon as i need a break from my novel. i've only got 545 words right now. i am just really feeling uninspired.

Lol! The way you've been writing lately, I think we're not going to see those reviews until December.

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