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Birthday cupcakes

Just one little thing ...

Here's an amazing thought for me ... One year ago today my mom and I picked up the keys to our new house. We've been here a year. Crazy! You know, usually I'm horrible with dates. The only reason I remember this one is that it's the day before my birthday. Last year's birthday kinda sucked. We were moving. It was hot. This year will be better. I won't budge on this. It will be. Plus, we've been in our house a year! Now if we could just miraculously win the lottery and pay off the house ... well, that would be awesome!

Does this mean that we only have 29 years left on our mortgage? Ha! 29 years!

And completely related to everything above, but not really ... tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the '89 quake. Yes, it was on my birthday. That was another birthday that wasn't the greatest. On the other hand, it's one that I'll never forget. Anyway. All the news channels around here are doing a 20 year retrospective on the quake. Seeing some of those pictures again ... wow. It's amazing how destructive mother nature can be. Buildings in ruins. Part of the Bay Bridge collapsed. Part of the Nimitz Freeway collapsed. Mass power outages. Fires. Here's the Wikipedia entry for it, if you're interested.

Well, that's great. Reading about all that is making me kinda sad. *is sad*

Let's talk about happier things. I have no real plans for my birthday except a family dinner tomorrow night. I'm still knee deep in my Halloween party planning. This next week is going to be all Halloween, all the time. I have to cut out witch and wizard hats for our witch hunt, get together and paint the water bottles for pumpkin bowling (and find a pumpkin or two that are vaguely round-ish), finalized the food .. fun stuff! I'm also toying with doing some Halloween crafts. Just toying at this point, but the thought's there.

Maybe I should start working on some of that now.

And finally, I got an early birthday present from iron_knife ... Blu-Ray DVDs! I'm thrilled with Shaun of the Dead! I've been dying to get that one on Blu-Ray. Yet I controlled myself. Yay, me! There was also The Terminator, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Doomsday. I'm excited to see how pretty they're all going to look in hi-def. Woot!

I'm done now.

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Happy Birthday a day early!

Happy House Anniversary! Too cool that it's been a year today!

I am certain your Halloween Party will be a blast! You have to take lots of pics!!

Thank you! Pictures ... check!

i've never been to a halloween party before. what fun! :)

It's going to be soooo fun!

Happy Birthday!
Decided to do the gifting thing in "Vampire Wars"

Lol! I love my gift! Thank you!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, pal.
Feel better! (I wrote "fell batter" the first time. I don't even know what that means!)

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