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SCC-Cameron-Blast doors

Far from the city lights ...

I posted another review at blabapalooza last night. That's three. Three movies I've reviewed this month. I'm on a roll! Plus, I have a bunch of movies sitting on my DVR that might get their chance in the sun.

However, I didn't write on my SPN fic yesterday. I didn't even open up the file. Bad me. I'll be better today. I think. I do have a bit of a full day ahead of me. A Costco run with my mom to pick up the fixings for my birthday dinner. And other stuff. None of which I can remember at the moment. Nice.

I realized this morning that Cole's first flag football game is this Sunday. Not next Sunday as I originally thought. Oops. It's a good thing the director of the league sends out weekly emails or we'd be missing that first one.

I'm going to tack this last thought on at the end of the post so that maybe people won't read it and think I'm crazy. Are you ready for this? I've never cared for the Where the Wild Things Are book. Although the movie looks ... interesting, I really have no overwhelming urge to see it. I'll probably have my mom credentials revoked or something now, but it's the truth. I never cared for the book. I can't pinpoint why. It's just not something that captures my fancy.

See? Nobody read that.

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i posted one, i posted one! lol

I saw it! It sounds pretty good. I'll have to keep an eye out for it!

yea, I never cared about it either. And I'm not interested in seeing the movie at all. Everyone is saying how amazing the movie looks and how incredible the book is, I dont get it

Exactly! Everything you said there is how I feel. In fact, the monsters kinda give me the creeps. Maybe that's the problem I've always had with the book. *shrug*

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