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SPN-Boys on the Road

We'll need a bridge soon.

The rains have arrived!

I woke up this morning to extremely wet streets. Bailey took one look out the door when I went to take her out this morning and she turned and tried to walk the other way. I had to pick her up and carry her under my jacket to the grass so that she could do the fastest pee in the history of dogs. We ran back home. I also got an ocean of water in my shoe. I had to switch shoes to take Cole to school because the first pair were just too damn wet.

I love the rain.

Enough about the awesome weather. I've been working on this SPN fic, as I've mentioned repeatedly. I think I'm going to break it into chapters because I've reached a natural break in the story that feels like a chapter break. I'm also running through the mental notes I have for the rest of the story and I'm pretty sure that it would be way too big if I didn't break it up. I've never written a chaptered fic before. I kinda like it.

The point of this is that I think I've finished the chapter I was working on. I have Dean where I want him to be and now I have to transition him into the next part. Once I do a re-read or three and clean up some of the messier writing, I'll post it. Whether you want me to or not.


I'm done. I've got things to do that don't AT ALL involve staring out the window at the driving rain.
Wish me puddles!

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(Deleted comment)
I have never dreamed of that man. Although his huge eyebrows scare me.

so i'm gonna do this thing.
i'm gonna read all the lois duncan books i have movies that correspond with.
then i'm gonna compare and contrast them.
think i'll actually do it? lol

Do it, girl!
I just posted a review. Crazy!

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