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Batten down the hatches!

There's this massive storm sitting off the coast (or so the weather girl tells me) and it's supposed to rain like the devil tonight and all day tomorrow (into Wednesday). I'm totally thrilled by this since I love the rain and cold and gloomy weather. Of course this means that I'm going to be sitting here all day tomorrow watching the rain out my window and not getting anything done. It's pretty much what I used to do every day when I worked. :)

Anyway. This storm is courtesy of the typhoon from Japan (or so I'm being told) and it's supposed to be all torrential rain and heavy winds. I really wish I could find a doppler shot of the way the storm is supposed to move across the bay area because I've never seen such a crazy rain prediction. Awesome!

Here's to hoping we don't get flooded out.

When I'm not contemplating the oncoming storm (that's the name of my iPod, btw), I've been busy planning my Halloween party I'm throwing for the girls. The girls as in jenah, kimbrchick and malkovich03 (if she's not working and/or marathoning) plus Jenn's son, Cole and Hailey. We're going to be bobbing for apples (I haven't done that in YEARS!), pumpkin bowling (water bottle pins and a pumpkin for the ball) and have a witch hunt (searching for witch hats hidden around the house for prizes). We'll also be watching scary movies. As we often do.

I've been wanting to throw a Halloween party for years and now I am! Oh, excitement!

So, yeah. Rain, Halloween and friends. What more can a girl ask for?

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Saturday the 24th. Working? Not working? We're going to bob for apples!

Are you back from Chicago yet? If not, when?

The 24th is our anniversary! I'm not working so I'm sure I can swing down for a bit, but Kurt and I have a dinner date that evening. Obviously.

I'm still in Chicago, I extended my stay through tomorrow because Ryan is in the hospital. I think he will be fine, but he has a couple of procedures today and someone needs to be here to check him out and get him home. Not that I'm much help, I can barely move my legs.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Are you saying that your anniversary trumps my Halloween party? Dude. Not cool. No, I'm just kidding. It looks like we'll be starting early-ish (10 or so) and there will be food and other fun things. Did I mention the bobbing for apples? Mwahahahahaha! Be prepared to get wet!

I hope Ryan's okay. And your legs become mobile.

Oooh I'm so ready for some rain. I'm so ready for the Halloween festivities too!

Me too! I have a costume. I'm contemplating wearing it. be afraid.

I'm rewatching - and rereading - all lois duncan novels made into movies (that i own and can rewatch) to compare and contrast :)

first up? gallows hill (book) vs. i've been waiting for you (movie)
oh what funn.

Well, let's go! Gimme some sugar, baby!

it's going up today!! i just finished the book last night!
plus, i'm - SERIOUSLY - in the process of doing a review of another movie right this very moment!

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