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This is where I'm not right now ...

I have roughly half an hour until I have to be back up at Hailey and Cole's school to leave on the field trip to the apple farm with Hailey's class. What do I do with this time? Journal. Of course.

Since I have places to be and things to do, this journal will be short. In theory.

First off, I slept horribly last night. It was all jumbled dreams and constant waking. I wish that I could remember some of the stuff I was dreaming about because it was incredibly weird. I love the way the subconscious takes all these unrelated things and squishes them together while you're sleeping. It's the stuff that stories are made of.

Speaking of stories, I did my daily writing yesterday plus I ended up typing up all the stuff I'd already written on my SPN story. I like doing my first draft longhand on actual paper. It's so much easier for me to visualize when I go back and make edits. It also lets me do minor editing when I'm typing it up. Stuff that I'd marked as something that needs to be tightened up or rearranged. The initial time it goes from paper to screen seems to loosen up some of the words I'm trying to get out. I know that a lot of people compose directly on the comp, but the beginning of stories always start out on paper for me. Somewhere along the way I usually end up transitioning to writing directly onscreen, but they always start out on paper.

What can I say except that it works for me.

Okay. The clock is ticking here. I have to get the last few things together that I need and then head off to school.