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SPN-Boys on the Road

But I have to ...

Wow. I totally didn't journal yesterday. Weird. It just slipped my mind. Like a slippery thing that slips.

Not that I did a whole lot yesterday to write about. Let me think ... Hailey and I went to the craft store and bought some scrapbook stickers so she could finish up her page she gets to do about herself for school. It's a really cute thing that they do. Each kid in the class gets to be VIP for the week. They bring home a backpack on Friday with a stuffed Winnie the Pooh, a journal and an "about me" poster. You take a picture (or draw one) with you and Pooh and write a few sentences about what you did with him. Then you make up a page in the journal to look like a scrapbook. At the end of the year, all the kids will have been VIP and the teacher will have a memory book of all the kids in the class. Too cute. Seriously. So, Hailey had her pic taken on the soccer field with Pooh. We bought some soccer stickers and made dolled up the page a bit. It was pretty cool. Like, way better than some of the other pages in there.

Also, Hailey scored her first goal at her soccer game. I wasn't there for it. As you might recall, I was trapped in downtown San Jose, weeping as I circled endlessly and tried to find a street that wasn't one way. How is it that one way streets are always going the one way you don't want to go? Especially when you're already a bit frazzled from accidentally running a red light as you tried to read the freeway signs up ahead. *sigh* My directional sense sucks, people. SUCKS.

But enough about that.

Supernatural update: I have four episodes left in season 4. FOUR! What am I going to do once I finish this? Start over? Confession - I kinda already did start over. I was cleaning my room the other day and wanted something in that I didn't have to pay super close attention to. So ... I watched the first four eps of season 1. I love the Pilot (of course!) and can watch that one endlessly. The others just followed along.

Well, I'd best get back to outlining. I keep kinda putting it off. It's not the most, most exciting thing in the world to do, you know.