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SPN-Boys-Us in Pieces

I think we need a bigger attraction ...

Journal #1800. Whew! That's a lot of babbling. A.Lot.

I swear to you that it's almost 20 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. It's foggy and cold and beautifully crisp out. I love this weather. Hopefully it will continue and we'll be done with the hot. Blech.

I have 4 more episodes of Supernatural season 3. Season 4 should be delivered today so this is working out perfectly. As an awesome plus, Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost was just playing on Cartoon Network. Perfect! Witches and Demons and Ghoulies. Oh, my!

Randomly. Last week I washed all the bedding on Cole's bed. Today it's my turn. I've even pulled the dust ruffle off the bottom of the bed for a good wash. Everything just looked a little on the grimy side. I was also getting a little tired of the way all the bedding was beginning to list off one side of the bed. Not the bedding, really. More like the pillow top I have under the mattress pad. And the top mattress. Everything was just migrating to one side. Bizarre. And annoying. Washing everything gives me the chance to realign all the goodies and flip the mattress. You know, all the fun stuff that I never seem to actually do.

There you have it. I have no plans today other than finding out what type of clothes I have to pack Cole for his trip. And enjoying the fall weather. Of course.
Lazy Monday! Awesome!
I'm out!