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SPN-Boys going gravedigging

I wasn't going stir crazy...

My lovely friends kimbrchick and jenah stopped by today. And being the awesome peeps that they are, we watched episodes of Supernatural. Not part of my marathon, mind you, just random episdoes that caught our fancy. For those that are wondering ... No Exit (JO!), The Usual Suspects, Tall Tales, Ghostfacers, and Bad Day at Black Rock. We were kinda going for humorous eps. Yeah, No Exit doesn't have so much of the funny but it does have Jo and we like Jo.

So, we watched the Winchester boys today and I'll continue my marathon in a bit (once Cole finishes some of his shows on the DVR). Seriously, despite the heat (yuck!) this was a GREAT weekend. Supernatural to the left and Supernatural to the right! Woot!

I also finished my 100th book.
Book #100 - The Haunted Bridge by Carolyn Keene - A decent book (much better than #100 form last year, if memory serves) that was standard Nancy Drew fare. Nancy and her friends solve the mystery of the haunted bridge while vacationing. Nancy also wins a golf tournament. And helps her father with one of his cases. And helps a young woman prove that she isn't a thief. Yep, Nancy still has it!

Have I mentioned at any point that Cole's going to be in Pennsylvania for a week? Well, he is. There's a wedding on his dad's side of the family that he's going to. I'll be kid-less for an entire week. Boo. I mean, it's nice the first day or so and then it's ... not. It's kinda boring. Who will I get to help with their homework? Who will I make dinner for in the evening? Me. That's who. Yep, I'm going to miss the boy.

I think I'm done now.

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I'm thinking I'm totally going to have to start my own marathon now :)

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