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DW-Rose-All boxed up with nowhere to go

I'm strong to the finish ...

I woke up this morning with the theme song to the old Popeye cartoon stuck in my head. O_o Complete with the Popeye voice singing it. Why? Why? Honestly, I have no answer since I didn't really like that cartoon back in the day and haven't seen an episode in years and years and years.

It's foggy enough outside that I'm considering popping in the original The Fog JUST BECAUSE! Seriously, I can't see across the street. I told the kids as I was taking them to school that I was going to have to turn around because I could barely see the road. Unfortunately for them, we made it there with no problems and I did not have to turn back. *evil laugh*

I finally started Book #100.

Now comes the completely scary fangirl stuff ... I'm up to episode 19 of Supernatural season 2. You can try to do the math on this and figure out that I've been watching a buttload of eps every day. I think I started this marathon over the last weekend. Meaning? I watched almost two complete seasons in a week. That may not be impressive to some people, but I'm impressed with myself. Or scared of myself. Whatever.

My dog has burrowed herself under my pillows. I know she's there because I watched her do it, but I can't see her at all. She's like a phantom dog. Sometimes I think it would be interesting to have the life of a dag. Eat. Sniff. Sleep. Sniff. Eat. Pee. Sniff. Walk. Sleep. Sleep. Eat. Whew! Tough day! I better take a nap to recharge my batteries! So I can go sniff some more later. And then eat. And then sleep again. And then play ball and run around the house like a possessed wolverine. The animal, not the guy.

Why, yes, I do think of stuff like this all the time. Why do you ask?

I'm done now. I have to decide if I'm going to throw myself back into Supernatural and finish off the season or go with the possessed fog. Decisions, decisions.

Dudes. I really need to get myself some Winchester boys icons. Really!