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Stock-Starbucks iced coffee

But nobody can prove that ....

In a shocking twist, it hasn't been nearly as hot the last few days as the weather forecasters would have led us to believe. It's also incredibly foggy this morning. Not the crazy fog that we had the other day where I couldn't see across the street, but still enough that my mountain is buried behind it. Please let this mean that Fall is coming in with a vengeance! Pleeeaaaaase!

Completely randomly ... oddmonster, I had a dream the other day that you were going to be visiting us here in the West. Yes? Wishful thinking? Seriously, it was a very vivid dream. And I choose to believe that I can see the future. *nods*

I still haven't read book #100.

My goal for the day is to vacuum. That's it. Just vacuum. And watch some more Supernatural. Which reminds me. What was with all the Jo hate in season 2? I liked her. I still like her. I watched No Exit last night (the one where the guys and Jo investigate the first serial killer and Jo and Dean pretend to be boyfriend/girlfriend) and I think it's one of the creepiest eps in the first part of the season. Plus? I kept hoping that Jo and Dean would hook up in a dirty, dirty way. Like, when they were in the walls of the building and pressed up against one another. Word! But, no. It didn't happen. So, I'm left with fanfic. *sigh*

Alright. I'm done now.

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Signs point to December, actually. People just won't quit gettin' hitched.

Excellent. I'm glad that my psychic powers aren't on the fritz.

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