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Finish it!

Cole woke up this morning with bug bites on his ankles and legs. I decided to strip everything off his bed and wash it. Everything. Down to the mattress. I'm not sure if they're flea bites (we give both the dog and cat flea treatments, so it shouldn't be that ...) but I figured it wouldn't hurt to wash everything. So. I've been doing laundry this morning. Just three loads but it feels like a lot. Maybe that's because I usually only do one load at a time. Except when I have to do whites. Then I do a regular load and a whites load. Is this too much info? Like, more than you'd ever want to know about my laundering habits? Ha! Laundering habits.

Yeah. So, this recent spate of flistees who have been watching old eps of Supernatural made me all nostalgic. I'm on the final episode of season 1 now. Season 1 was really good. There were a few episodes that didn't quite have that bang, but for the most part it's a solid season. Next up? Season 2, of course.

Bailey has her nose pressed against my screen as she watches all the people doing their people-y things down below. And the birds doing their birdy things. And the bugs doing their buggy things. It's possible she's getting ready to take a nap. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

In book related news, I have two books sitting here waiting to be read and I haven't picked up either of them yet. This will be book #100, I just need to knock that one out of the park. Word!

Time to finish Devil's Trap.