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None of this is comforting ...

Well well well. TV seems to be kicking back into full swing and I'm three steps behind as usual. I haven't watched Supernatural yet. Nor Bones. However, I did watch Fringe as it aired for no particular reason except that I wanted to. And? And! I have something to say ... When Olivia came flying through the car window without warning? When the car was stopped? OH.MY.GOD! I loved that! It made me jump a foot. And say "OH.MY.GOD! She just flew through the window!" It was GREAT! On the other hand, part of me called the soldier guy becoming Agent Francis (in fact, I kept thinking that they should be doing mouth checks on each other to make sure they were who they claimed to be) but then I talked myself out of it because I couldn't figure out how Francis could be the soldier when the body of the girl was lying there. Damn myself! I liked the new FBI Agent and was hoping she'd stick around for a bit. However, when I checked IMDB, it looks like she's only in the first 2 episodes. Oh, well. She was kinda cool. I'll be sad to see her go.

Okay. It's supposed to be in the 100's over the bulk of next week. That means I'm going to be doing a lot of reading. *blink, blink* What? You thought something different?
Book #99 - The Book of Three (The Chronicles of Prydain Book 1) by Lloyd Alexander - Cole read this book over the summer. He's now up to the 4th book in the series (almost. I think he has 10 or so pages to go on the 3rd. maybe he finished it when I wasn't looking.) and we get to discuss the things that are going on. It's great! So, this is pretty typical fantasy-style fare. Unassuming young man gets thrust into an epic journey and has to learn how to lead and make good decisions. He acquires some companions along the way - a Princess, a bard and a ... critter? Gurgi can walk and talk like a man, but he's part animal too. If I read that part of the book correctly. Anyway. Taran (our hero in training) has to rescue an oracular pig and warn the good guys that the SUPER BAD GUY is about to invade the lands of Prydain with an army of the dead. Yes, there's a Disney movie loosely based on the books. And I do mean "loosely". I think that books 1 and 2 were culled to make the movie. I'm not completely sure about that, however, since I haven't read the 2nd yet.

Good reading!

I'm done now.