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All the stories are told ...

Huh. I was going to hold off on journalling this morning until I had finished my book. Then I got caught up on updating web pages. Then I looked at the time. So. Here I am. Neither of the books I'm reading are finished but I've done a TON of web updates. Go, me?

I am going to keep this short (yeah, right) because I really, really want to get back to my book. You know, I've never been a huge fan of classics. For the most part I think they feel very dated and over wrought. Most classics I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. But I'm reading a classic now and ... I like it. It's good. I'd say more, but I want to save it for my review.

I would like to mention (briefly) that a new WalMart opened by my house today. My sister told me that the parking lot was crazy busy when she drove by. This is supposed to be a grocery store WalMart more than a regular WalMart. Not a Super, but a grocery. I like the lower prices on the food, but their produce never seems to last as long as I need it to. I guess that's what you get for the lower prices. Or something.

Okay. I kept it short. My book wants me to read it. I might be back later. Might.

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I want to know what Classic you're reading..........

Haha ... nooooo. You'll have to check back tomorrow (or later today) to see what it is. This is part of my diabolical plan to keep people reading my journal.

BTW, awesome with the Blab reviews!! yay!

wal-mart isn't always lower here. i went to jayc (owned by kroger) yesterday and got 4 half gallons of white milk, a half gallon of choco milk, a half gallon of orange juice, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs and 2 boxes of waffles for $10.

damn, woman! You know how to shop!

i <3 jayc's 10 for $10 sales!
plus, everything else i bought - cheese, meat, chips, pizza stuff, was all on sale, too. sometimes they have really awesome specials on drinks. a few weeks ago, i got 5 12-packs of sprite - yes, real sprite - for $11.

i don't like walmart. what book is it, did you but it on goodreads?

I don't things about Walmart, but their prices are good.

wait, is this classic you're talking about the book that goodreads says you are currently reading? you've never read that before?

All your questions have been answered in today's journal. However, yes and yes/no. Take that!

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