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I want to be famous!

From my "things that are awesome" files ... It totally rained last night. Not a little, piddly sprinkling, but a solid 3 or so hours of rain. Not heavy, but definitely rain. For a couple of hours. This is exciting to me. Rain! Fall! Go away summer, I'm ready to get my cool on!

For those of you that aren't up on the goings on at Cartoon network and/or Scooby-Doo, last night CN had a new Scooby movie. It was live-action, not cartoon. I'm not sure if I've properly expressed how much I like watching those Mystery Inc kids do their thing. I like it. A lot. I think I prefer the cartoons over the live action, but this movie was fun. The guy who played Shaggy was good. He was doing all those crazy vocal things that cartoon Shaggy does. Hee! As a plus, unlike when I'm reading an Agatha Christie, I can usually spot who the bad guy is before the big reveal. Yes, I just compared a Scooby-Doo mystery to an Agatha Christie mystery. That makes me laugh.

Speaking of mysteries ...
Book #97 - The Secret in the Old Well by Carolyn Keene - This is a Dana Girls mystery, not Nancy Drew. I know I said I wouldn't be reading any more of these after my last not-so-happy reading experience, but I was out of Nancy Drew books and this one was sitting on the shelf staring at me. I'm weak. The biggest difference I see between this series and the ND series is that the writing isn't nearly as tight. Beyond that, the girls are given a lot of freedom at their boarding school that I don't think they'd have. The freedom to rush off at a moments notice to track down a clue, stay at a friend's house, investigate some strange happenings. Where I can see Nancy being given these privileges simply because she's dealing with her father, I can't imagine the head mistress of the boarding school being willing to let the Dana Girls take those sort of risks. Overall, it was a decent enough mystery. However, I have the same complaint that I have with the ND series, all the mysteries end of tying together. Stolen furs in Chicago? A missing girl at their boarding school? Stolen plans for an unknown invention? Yep, they're all interconnected. Solving one of those mysteries solves all of those mysteries. All that complaining and yet I'm still reading the books. *sigh*

You know, I had a lot more to say about that book than I thought I did. Just to make sure I'm being clear, I really do enjoy the Nancy Drew series, despite the simple mysteries. Or maybe because of them. Sometimes I like feeling smart. And sometimes I like to be totally taken by surprise by who did it. I'm looking at you, Dame Agatha. You and your twisty plots.

One thing I've noticed about putting myself on an early morning writing schedule, I tend to get very wordy. Much more so than when I was writing in the evening. I never knew I had this much to say. *blink, blink*

I'm done for now.

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Ruh-roh we missed a new Scooby Movie? Will it play again? What was the name?

Well, it premiered yesterday but they played it again today, so I think it would be a good guess that it'll be on in the near future. It was called Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins.

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