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Do we have to wear pickle jars?

First and foremost ...
Happy Birthday, tlace!
May your day be muse-filled!

Second ...
Cole and I went up to his school so that he could launch two rockets he brought over from his dad's. I had never launched a rocket before and I had a load of fun! To make things even better, the weather is gorgeous! Crisp and a little windy. Perfect almost-Fall weather.

I also finished a book.
Book #96 - The Invisible Intruder by Carolyn Keene - Nancy and her friends plan a "ghost hunters" trip and travel to five different locations that are either "haunted" or a hot bed of supernatural activity. Of course, the five locations all tie in together into one big mystery which Nancy solves. When doesn't she solve one?

The sad thing is that this is the last of my Nancy Drew books. I didn't read the entire series by any means, but this is the last of the ones I own. I'll either have to head out to the library or go scour eBay for more books. I'm kinda leaning toward eBay, but we'll see.

My mom comes home from her weekend away in a bit. She went up to Lake Tahoe with my Grandma and Aunt. It sounds like they had a good time. This does mean that she missed the completely frightening incident when the hummingbird got stuck in the house, but I told her about it. Oh, yeah. We had a hummingbird in the house earlier. Yikes! I know it's just a little bird and everything but having one in the house freaks me the shit out! For Pete's sake, what if it flies at my head??? I'd be screaming like a crazy thing. And waving my arms around. Did I mention the screaming? It wouldn't be enjoyable. For either me or the bird.

Cole wants me to whip him up something for lunch. That's my cue to scoot.