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We should let it go ...

I can't believe it's not even noon yet. I've done a crazy amount of stuff. Let's see. I went to Hailey's first soccer game. That was interesting. And hard to watch. Those poor girls don't quite understand the idea of positions and end up just following the ball around where ever it gets kicked to. However, Hailey did a great job. She was the goalie for the first half and she made some great saves. Yay! When I got home I vacuumed and did some laundry. Then I made banana bread while I was waiting for the first load of laundry to finish. The banana bread is now sitting on the counter cooling and smells so good. Let me think. I wiped down the kitchen and swept the floors. Put another load of laundry in the wash. Now I'm just waiting for the first load to finish drying so that I can put the sheets back on the bed.

Seriously, what's up with me? That's enough stuff for the entire day. Much less a few hours in the morning. *sigh* Sometimes I'm so motivated.

I know this will shock everybody but I finished a book (or two) last night.
Book #94 - The Moonstone Castle Mystery by Carolyn Keene - This book dealt with some slightly weighty issues. You know, weighty for Nancy Drew. No, just weighty in general. Nancy tracks down a lead on a missing heiress and uncovers a ring of thieves that befriend old ladies when they're sick and lonely only to slowly starve them to death as they steal all their money. WTF? Like I said, weighty issues. Oh, there's also a mysterious castle. I'll have to say this was a pretty good book just because I didn't think they'd take the murdering old ladies path. Yet they did.


Book #95 - The Mystery of the 99 Steps by Carolyn Keene - Nancy follows the clues in a memory/dream a French lady has to uncover a con man using "alchemy" to swindle a banker. This one takes place in France and I'm neither shocked nor amazed to find out that Nancy, Bess and George all speak fluent French. As usual, Nancy's sleuthing crosses paths with her Father's case and she solves everything to everyone's satisfaction. Decent, but not the best in the series.

I'd just like to point out that Nancy is perpetually 18 in these books. All of them. She doesn't age. I have a theory that she used her crazy sleuthing skills to find the Fountain of Youth and she's using that to maintain her youthful good looks. *nods* She is that good. It could happen.

Cole's gone off with his dad for a day of boy-time. Since his dad's been working the swing shift, Cole hasn't had much time with him. They're probably going to go whittle and carve stuff. And build things from scratch. Isn't that what the men-type do? :)

OH! I have to mention this ridiculous movie I watched last night. I don't even know if I can do it justice. There's this group of friends who are abducted while camping and when they wake up they're in a government hospital for alien abductees. Three of them are all crazy and only the main girl has any sort of brain and she slowly works out a way to escape. Only ... and this is the twist here ... they're not in a hospital at all, but they're STILL ON THE ALIEN SPACESHIP! And the people who run the "hospital" are really all cloned humans with an alien bug in their brains. Even better? The four friends are all clones with alien bugs in their brains! Awesome! It was phenomenally bad. Like, over the top bad. Not even in the "so bad it's good" category. It was excruciating to watch. And yet I did. The whole thing. *face palm*

I've babbled a serious lot. I'll go now.

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OMFG SAME. Trystan kept getting yelled at because she left her position, and then she'd get so confused when they'd be like, "Trystan! Go to the ball!" After a while she just threw her hands up and was like, "I don't know what to do!"

Ugh. I hope it gets better next week.

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