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FF-Big Damn Heroes

If I could only ...

Holy smokes! I was sitting here at the computer being all intent and focused and stuff when all of a sudden I realized that my focus had completely failed me and I was floating in la-la land. When I stopped and thought about it, it hit me that I hadn't eaten yet today. Two cups of coffee aren't quite the same as really eating. Seriously, I was out of it. It came on in the blink of an eye. I was with it and doing my thing and then I totally wasn't. Crazy.

So, now I've eaten. I feel much more human and not at all like I'm about to fall over. Yay! Food!

So, the thing that totally captured my attention (until it didn't) was the monumental task of keeping my Squidoo pages up to date. No, it's not monumental, it's just something I really have to sit down and focus on. However, I've now updated nearly all of them. Super! I hope I'm not going to be annoying when I ask (very nicely) that any feedback on these would be much appreciated. Any. Whether it's telling me that the categories I chose for the movies are completely whack or to give me ideas on new things I can add. You can even tell em that I suck. I would prefer that you didn't, honestly, but I'll go with it if that's what you have to say.

Anyway. Anybody who cares to can either leave a comment here or on the page in particular. There's a comment option hidden away at the bottom of each page. I'm just kidding. It's not actually hidden. :)

The life of a(n almost-)writer

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Don't worry, I won't be offended if you have no desire to even look at the pages. I'm just looking for ways to beef them up a bit and want a different set of eyes with a different perspective.

Okay. I finished yesterday's book.
Book #93 - The Clue of the Dancing Puppet by Carolyn Keene - I was kind of stuck on how they were going to explain away the dancing puppet in this one. It worked out well, don't get me wrong, I just wasn't expecting it. So, Nancy helps an amateur acting group with the pesky problem of a puppet that dances without strings. She also steals the show as the lead in their play and makes an enemy of the girl who was previously the lead. Overall, an interesting book.

I'm exhausted right now. I feel like I've crammed a day's worth of stuff into a few hours. *sigh* I haven't watched Supernatural yet, but I hope to get to that today. Or at least before the weekend's over. That reminds me! I recorded a bunch of Warehouse 13 episodes a while back and just finished them off. I like that show. It started off so-so, but it's really picked up lately. It's just fun. I wasn't sure about it when I watched the pilot, but I like the bantering between Pete and Myka. They're just fun to watch. And the plot lines have really picked up, I think. They're fun and engaging.

Okay. I know it's early, but I might have to take a nap. Heck, my dog's already napping. Why can't I?

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I actually sat down and watched Vampire Diaries and Supernatural - as they aired last night. Of course it was too hot to sit in front of the computer screen. :) I enjoyed them both.

I haven't watched Vampire Diaries (I have it Dl-ed) but Supernatural was fab!

for 'the life of a(n almost-)writer' i was looking for more commentary on what you are doing to become a pro writer. but maybe that's not the point of the website. that's what i think when i read the name though. i want more commentaries!

Ha! I want to mix that one up a bit. What I have there feels generic. I'll keep your ideas in my head. :)

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