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Make up your mind ...

Well, I did it. I cut my hair. It's somewhere between my shoulder and jaw. I really like it, but I'm not used to not having all that hair there yet. Plus, no more ponytails. That kind of makes me sad. I liked my ponytail. The good news is that I use oodles less shampoo and conditioner now. Like 1/4 of what I used to use. Mostly that was because my hair was reaching that length where it just tangled mercilessly when it was wet. There would be much yanking and cursing as I attempted to comb it out. Lots of conditioner would help (to a point) but cutting it all off helped even more. Lol!

I'd take a picture but I attempted that yesterday and I just wasn't happy with the way the pics turned out. Maybe I should put some make-up on or something. *shrug*

Before I forget ...
Book #92 - The Mystery of the Fire Dragon by Carolyn Keene - Nancy uncovers a smuggling ring in Hong Kong. She's good. She uncovered a smuggling ring a couple of books ago in South America. Now Hong Kong? First off, I'm beginning to think that the entire world is somehow corrupt and without Nancy the criminals would soon take over. Secondly, how much money does her family have? She's constantly jaunting off to new places. I want that life. You know, without the fear of being kidnapped and thrown in wells and getting in car crashes. She gets in a lot of car crashes. Her poor car must be a shell of it's former self. Anyway. This was a pretty good one. Lots of intrigue and stuff. Word!

I keep meaning to mention that in order to be on track to read my 100 books for the year I'd have to hit book #75 by the end of September. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hit #100 by the end of September. Do you see what not working does to a person? Or at least me. Much reading. Lots of journal writing. Not a whole bunch of movie reviews. I can't quite figure out why I'm not writing those reviews. Maybe I'll do one or two today. Maybe. I have some errands to run first.

Alright. I'd best get on those errands.

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OH you did it!! I do want to see pics - even if you have to email to me! I can't wait!!! :D Lookie here. Reading and commenting. Are you sitting down?

I'm just shocked that you're reading lj at all. Ha!

you used 'lol' in your journal? i'm not sure what to make of that

But I really did laugh out loud when I wrote that. I felt that I HAD to write LOL.
When do you go back to work? Free this weekend at all? y/y My mom is going to be in Tahoe with my gram. We could do a movie thing if you're up for it.


a movie thing sounds fun! maybe tonite? or tomorrow day. we have a two parties tomorrow starting at 4, a party all day sunday, and stuff to do on monday. busy busy! i go back to work tuesday.

Haha! Finally got a hold of you! You can't escape me! Never!

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