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Stock-Look up and see the wonders

Well done!

Boy, oh boy! I was having the weirdest dreams last night. Now, I didn't sleep well to start with. This begs the question ... was I not sleeping well because of the weird dreams or were the weird dreams caused because I was waking up every 30 minutes and remembering what I dreamed about? Do I always have dreams like that? The sad part is that I can't even remember what they were about at this point. I just remember thinking... Huh. Weird. So, I've been up for a while (5-ish? Maybe.) and I'm already looking longingly toward my nap.

In other news, it's nice and cool this morning. Cool enough that I have socks on and my toes are still a little chilly. I'm not complaining in the least, btw. I much prefer this cool weather to the 100+F heat we're expected to have this coming weekend. Blech.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I think the hair is going to be cut. Short. I'm still feeling the tiniest bit wishy-washy on it so it might not happen, but I'm leaning strongly in that direction. *sigh* I don't know. It's taken me so long to grow out, but now it's just like this lump of hair. And since I started dying it reddish again the bottom isn't holding the color like I want it to. Too long with all the blonde highlights, I'm told. Blah. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Huh. You know, since I have my hair appointment tomorrow morning I may have to revise my journal schedule. I might *might* have to either journal even earlier in the day or do it mid-afternoon. Look at that, I'm being all flexible and shit. Or, just flexible.

Last but not least, as part of my epic trilogy watching (Matrix, LotR, Scream), I started watching the Indiana Jones movies last night. I'm on Last Crusade right now. Technically, Indy is no longer a trilogy but it was one for so long that I still think of it that way. And I like the 4th movie so don't go getting all negative on me about it. It's fun. And that's exactly why I watch movies. Well, for the fun and the eye candy. Word!

I am done now.
There might be some movie reviews in the future. No promises, but I'm feeling kinda sassy at the moment. Hey! How is there no "sassy" mood? That's just wrong!

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reviews, reviews, reviews.

Well, it didn't happen today, but I still have a TON of movies I've watched recently that I want to review.

Oh? You could always just find a pic that LOOKS sassy and manually type the word in. :D

You can easily ignore me for the next part about the dreams, as I am going to get all "scientist" now.
It makes me wonder if you ate something or did something to raise your body temperature. Like when people eat a lot of spicy foods before going to bed, which generally kick starts a higher metabolic rate at rest and fuels a higher body temp.
And restless sleep may just make us prone to notice the weird dreams we normally sleep right on through on a regular basis. :)
Just a theory. :P

Your theory isn't bad. *nods* My main problem is that I know that I have a way overactive imagination. I would not be shocked in the LEAST if I had dreams like that every night. Seriously, my imagination gets fired up and it's off on it's own tangent. Or three.

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