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XF-Put away the pieces to hide the truth

I think we'll camp here tonight.

I did not get an early journal in today. Time just seemed to get away from me. Isn't it weird how that happens?

However, since yesterday's post, I did manage to finish two books.
Book #89 - The Mystery of the Tolling Bell by Carolyn Keene - A decent enough mystery. Nancy helps uncover a ... wow. I'm not sure if I can describe this one. There's a fake make-up company. Fake stock sales. A fake ghost. A mysterious bell. And Nancy somehow ties them all together. She also reunites a family or two. That girl can do anything!


Book #90 - The Clue of the Black Keys by Carolyn Keene - You know, I think this is the first book where Nancy's dad has told her not to do something. Of course, Nancy finds a way to solve the mystery without jaunting off to Mexico (which is where her Dad told her she couldn't go). So, Nancy helps solve a century old legend about treasure hidden in Mexico. She takes a trip to the Florida Keys and gets her self kidnapped. She also saves a man being tortured. Kinda heavy stuff, you know.

Anyway. I went to a craft store today because my mom had to go and craft stores always have the BEST Halloween signs. Sadly, there weren't any that grabbed me. They were ... meh. Nothing awesome like the "Bat's Motel" one from a year or two ago. Leeches under 3 inches stay for free!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Up early to take the kids to school. Blah, blah, blah. I think I'll write tomorrow. Lots and lots of writing. Love!

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we are in amsterdam. coming home thursday. i have many stories for you of course, but i'm logging on to tell you that i think my arm almost fell off last night. i was sleeping and i woke up and tried to move my right arm (i had it positioned over my head) and it wouldn't budge. could not move it. it was totally dead asleep. i had to literally grab it with my left hand and move it, it felt all rubbery and stuff. i was afraid gangrene was about to set in so i massaged my arm until the feeling came back. then i went back to sleep. i massaged my own arm! anyway, looking forward to catching up when i return!

Oh.My.God! I always love your stories! I can't wait for you to get home!

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