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DW-Tardis-Take me away

Some things have not yet come to pass ...

The kid has been fighting me every step of the way tonight on getting his homework done. The thing that's really driving me crazy is that one of the things he's fighting me on is an essay that's due on Friday and which he wanted to finish tonight. I don't get it. If you have the time and you can't quite get the words out, set it aside and walk away. Come back to it tomorrow. Don't bitch and moan and throw a mini temper tantrum on something that is optional at this point. *sigh*

In other news, I feel 100% better today. Still not terribly hungry for real food, but bread is still food. Right? And my banana bread has bananas in it. Bread. Fruit. Win-win.

I also finished another book.
Book #84 - The Password to Larkspur Lane by Carolyn Keene - At last, something has come up that Nancy doesn't know how to do! She didn't know how to sabotage a plane! She still managed to do a pretty good job at the sabotaging, but I think it was supposed to be luck more than skill. Or something like that. I think this is the first book where Nancy is also put in real physical peril. Well, it's the first I've read anyway. She was put into a cistern and left there to rot. Interesting. Also? Kinda creepy-cool.

My dog is looking at me. I think that means she needs to go out.