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There's a curse on this gate ...

What is up with the dreadful heat? It's sticky. And icky. And I'm done with it. Cooler weather, feel free to stop by at any time now. Stop by and stay a while, that is.

The heat forced us to stay inside with the air running all day. I went out a couple of times to take Bailey to do her business and we were out there the minimum amount of time possible. Since we stayed in all day, the kids and I watched movies. Little Mermaid 2 (which I slept through, thank you. It was totally playing during my nap time.), City of Ember (planned on watching that one alone but Hailey watched it with me), Nim's Island, The Spiderwick Chronicles. I think The Golden Compass is the last movie on this disc, but it's up to Cole what he wants to watch at this point.

Speaking of Cole, the boy was insanely whiny this morning. I actually called his dad and sent him over there early this morning because I was tired, tired, tired of the whining and stupidly unreasonable demands. Kids. Sometimes you just have to ship them off.

Uggh. Why is my fan off? This is terrible. I must go turn it back on. And think about what movie's up next!
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I can't even use my fan, because it is packed away in the garage.
Because my house could be setup for appointment for viewing at anytime, certain important things are just packed away simply because they are too unsightly to leave around.
Because I don't have my trusty fan on me, I am having the AC around 6 degrees cooler than where I like it to compensate. I am going to have such an obnoxious energy bill for August.
I am not to eat half of what I usually fix for my meals because they emit the wrong kind of odors for house staging. So now I am constantly high from the smell of fake flowers coming from air room fragrance dispensers.
I am having to keep my house clean as a hotel room.
I am so looking forward on getting rid of this place and getting my own apartment now.

Moving/selling your hose sucks. but once it's over, it's over. If that makes sense.

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