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Psych-quote-If I had learned to laugh as

I'm not sure what happened to it ...

It's too hot for words. Sort of. I mean, it's hot. Those are words, but they don't quite give you that sticky depth of hot that I'm feeling right now.

I'm still thinking of cutting my hair. It's the hot. It makes the hair stick to the back of my neck which makes me want to cut it all off. Stupid hot.

I've watched Bring It On a couple of times recently (what? It was on. I had nothing else to watch.) and my absolute favorite part is when Eliza is telling Kirsten that she's a "hardcore gymnast". I laugh every time. Eliza, you delivered that line. You delivered it and I believed you. Also, Sparky. He makes me laugh.

I wish I could pretend like I have more to talk about. Sadly, no.
Therefore, I shall go. Maybe I can catch another viewing of Eliza and her amazing delivery.

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That movie is awesome!
But alas, I haven't seen it in awhile.
Best cheerleader movie ... EVA!

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