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They say, good try ...

First and foremost ...
Happy Birthday, kimbrchick!
Lots of fun birthday wishes for you!!

So, the kids are off to school. Yay! I dropped Cole off at 7:10 this morning so he could do his Safety Patrol thing. Then Hailey, Heather and I waited until 7:25 to head over to where Hailey lines up. We met her teacher and did all that fun first day of school stuff. Now I'm home. Alone. It's AWESOME!

To top it off, today is one of those foggy, gorgeous days that I love. Cool and crisp outside. And it doesn't smell like either cows or skunks. Is this the best day ever or what? C'mon! It's cool enough out that I have my sweater and slippers on. Lovely.

I also finished my book.
Book #74 - The Bungalow Mystery by Carolyn Keene - Nancy solves another one. I really do like these books, but sometimes I wish they were a little more complex. You know within a handful of pages that mystery A that Nancy is working on is going to tie in to mystery B simply because they're both in the same book. Agatha Christie, now. She ties things together in ways that I never see coming. Not that you can really compare them. Even though I just did. Hee!

There you have it. It's 9:30-ish and I feel like I've already done a lot today. Now I have to do things that will make me money. Wish me luck! And possibly cupcakes. Simply because I like cupcakes. :)