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Hmmm ...

When my mom saw that I picked up those Nancy Drew books from the library, she was all excited and nothing would do except for her to dig out our box of NDs so I could look through them. Nothing would do for me except to read one.

Book #72 - The Hidden Staircase by Carolyn Keene - Since this is only the second in the series, some of the elements that show up in later books aren't quite there yet. For example, Bess and George aren't even mentioned and Nancy is dating someone other than Ned. *gasp* But the mystery was good. Nancy joins one of her friends at her friend's great grandmother's house to investigate whether or not the house is haunted. There's also a subplot about her father being kidnapped. You'd think that would be the main plot since it's her father and all, but no. She figures it all out in the end. Ooh! I hope I didn't ruin it for anyone. One of these books she might not solve the mystery, you know. *blink, blink*

I think I might head back into Agatha Christie territory now. These books are good, but nobody does murder and mayhem like Dame Agatha. Plus, they don't kill people in Nancy Drew books. Who knew?

My dog is conked out on my pillow.
I'm out.