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It's a mustache kind of morning.

It was hot here today. Not melt to your seat hot, but still hot. I read.
Book #68 - Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy - I started out thinking that this book looked pretty darn cool and it read well and I was excited about it. Then, about half way through, something happened. The book lost some of it's charm. I wasn't sure if I liked one of the main characters. I finished the book, but it was a little disappointing. Anyway. Skulduggery Pleasant is a living skeleton. Literally. He's a skeleton who's alive. He lives in a world a magic that is kept hidden from mortal eyes. After a famous author who wrote about Skul's world dies (and leaves the bulk of his worldly possessions to his 12-year-old niece), Skul takes said niece under his wing to keep her from getting killed by the magical underworld. There's a whole story about a war that's on the brink of breaking out between different factions of the magical world, but ... ehh. It's amusing enough, I guess. It was just missing something.

I'm shipping Cole off to his friend's house tomorrow. Word! Hailey and I will have the lovely air-conditioned house to ourselves. Fun!

I'm done!
Hope I don't melt tomorrow. For real.

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I have this book on my shelf, and have for a few years. Can't get through the thing. I flake out maybe 10 pages in. And yet it got such critical praise!

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one who wound up unimpressed.

Honestly, I expected more from it. It just fell flat. Critical or not.

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