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Stock-Lovely stream in the woods

Let me be myself ...

I stayed up too late last night. I had a hard time waking up this morning. Boo. But I did finish my book.

Book #60 - Paths not Taken by Simon R. Green - 5th in the Nightside series. I really like how things that were set up in the first book are coming around and being addressed now. Defining moments are happening - Things that shaped the Nightside and John Taylor and his mother are in the middle of all of it. That sort of plotting makes my writer's heart sing. So, John goes back to the beginnings of the Nightside to see why it was created. Mayhem happens between here and there.

Cole's not feeling great this morning. He took a bath (of his own accord!) and now he's lounging around. It's foggy and murky outside. My favorite type of weather. I think we're going to have a slow and easy day inside. I might go to the library. Hailey got in trouble last night for not listening so she can't go with me. It's the ultimate punishment - no library time! Woe! What can I say? She loves the library.

Bailey's watching Animal Planet right now. She loves the dogs on it. Hilarious! Sometimes she barks at them. It's the funniest thing. She has also chewed up a toy I bought her. Completely destroyed it. It's in pieces with all the stuffing pulled out. Nice.

Wow, the kids are (momentarily) not trying to kill one another. I almost don't know what to do. School starts in 3 weeks and it's about time. How did my mom handle it when my sisters and I were out of school for nearly 3 months back in the day? Plus, she did at-home daycare for other kids. We'd be crawling with kids left and right. How? How did she handle it? She must be acres more patient than I am.

Hmm. I think that's all I have to say.