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Stock-Quote-Movies ruin books

Here is the last place we'll stand ...

I am now ahead of where I need to be to be on track to hit my book reading goal for the end of the year. Awesome.
Book #59 - Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie - I don't know if this is her most popular book, but it is one that I had heard of before reading. I didn't know any of the specifics, just that it had been made into a movie or two and it was supposed to be good. Well, it didn't disappoint. I enjoyed it immensely and I think I might watch the movie now to see how it translates. That should be interesting.

I've finished my library books but the library doesn't open until 1 tomorrow. Boo. I guess I'll have to finish the one I started a while back.

In other news I added a bunch of music to my iTunes. It hasn't been added to the iPod yet but that's just because I don't feel like walking down to the garage to get my iPod. Is that weird? No matter. I'm still not going to do it right now.

And that's it. Fascinating, isn't it?