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I finished my book!
Book #56 - In the Company of Ogres by A. Lee Martinez - When I read this book the first time I wasn't all that impressed with it. Especially when compared with A. Lee Martinez's first book, Gil's All-Fright Diner. I felt that this one was a little more forced. However, my re-read made me feel differently. It was quite good. Longer, definitely, which didn't make it a quick 3 hour book and much more densely written. Meaning that it actually took me a couple of days to read. That's nearly unheard of, you know. But it was good. Plot? Never Dead Ned has a problem - whenever he inconveniently dies he doesn't stay dead. On top of that he's been promoted to the position of Commander of Ogre Company, a position that has a notoriously short shelf life. A crazed magician is hunting him down. Demons are after him. Oh, and he might destroy the universe. How's he going to work his way out of this? Let the puns start rolling!

I don't know why I didn't journal yesterday. It just kind of slipped my mind. Weird. Maybe it was the massive amount of SG-1 episodes that Cole and I watched. The kid decided that he wanted to watch the pilot a few days back and all of a sudden we've watched into season 2. Crazy! It's been a while since I watched season 1. I don't remember a lot of what happened specifically. Just the general season arc. I'm trying to say that this is fun. Episodes! Marathoned with my kid!

I think I might go to the library tomorrow. Or maybe I'll check online to see if they have the two books I want before I go. That sounds like a better idea. No crazy running around looking for a book that isn't there.

I'm out!