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Birthday cupcakes

The sooner you call ...

Today is the day of birthdays!

Happy Birthday, oddmonster
May all your books love you today!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Tracy!
I hope you had a nice breakfast (or lunch) in bed!

Happy Birthday to Hailey!
She's officially 6 and we can get rid of that damn car seat!

I did something really stupid today. My BFF is visiting from Washington state. Somehow I managed to mix up the day she was coming to visit me (totally thought it was tomorrow) and I wasn't here when she got to my house. I'm just ... I can't believe I did this. We're going to try to get together later tonight but I feel like such a doof. I mean, we planned this. Plus, we'll have to work around Hailey's birthday stuff now. D'oh!

Yep. There you have it.

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Thanks Kel! In my defense, I only read one....

Well, in that case, I hope it was a good one!

Wow. I can not believe you did that. What were you thinking? I mean, the girl came all the way from Washington state to visit you, and you can't even make arrangements to be home? You have some nerve. Really. I am shocked at your behavior.

Okay, enough of that. I remember the day hailey was born. We were working together and I brought in my UK to USA dictionary to show you, but you called in a personal day to work to go to the hospital with heather. So I showed the dictionary to some of our coworkers, but no one appreciated it.

Uggh. I know. I felt like such a tool. But Meg was cool and we managed to see each other for a few minutes early this morning. Basically, long enough for me to give her a tour of the house.

I love the things you remember. I, too, remember that UK to US dictionary and our use of the word "trolley". Those other fools didn't know what they were missing!

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