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My stomach hurts and my desk is a mess. I have no empty space left on it. That makes me sad. Actually, it just makes me want to straighten up. Whatever.

Okay. Time for the gratuitous book comments for the evening. About 4 months ago I bought a book. Apparently I preordered it. I wasn't aware that I preordered it because I didn't read the fine print very closely. Anyway. The company charged my credit card and time passed. I forgot about the book. Mostly. Every once in a while I'd remember it and think, hmm, I should figure out when I'll be getting that. And then the thought would fly out of my head and I'd move on to better things.

Well, today the book came. And I read it.
Book #55 - Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A Collection of Photographic Evidence with stories by Neil Gaiman - For those who don't know, Amanda Palmer is the singer for the Dresden Dolls. She's very quirky. Overall, this was a very interesting book. Mostly photographs of Amanda Palmer dead in various places and various poses. Neil Gaiman chimes in with vignettes about how she died or how she was found. It's also sprinkled through with lyrics from Amanda's album of the same name. Personally, I enjoyed it. It was different from the other things I've been reading lately and it was a lot of fun.

I had a really hard time getting up and moving today. More to the point, I got up okay and then I was ready to take a nap around 9:30. It's possible I did take a nap. And then another one after lunch. And another one while the kids were watching one of their shows. Seriously, I couldn't get moving. And suddenly around 4:00 I felt like a human person again and got up and took Cole out to buy Hailey's birthday present and took the dog for a walk and watered the plants and helped my mom make dinner and now we're here. Amazing, isn't it?

But my stomach still hurts. I'm not even going to have any ice cream tonight. Do I sound virtuous? Because I feel that way.

I'm done now. I'm in the middle of watching the Planet of the Apes remake. I tried watching the original the other day but I decided to take a nap instead. And today I was in the mood for the remake. I figure that the original will get watched soon enough. Maybe later tonight. Who knows.

Done now.