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Stock-Quote-Fear and spiders

Before I get out ...

I promise that I'll soon post more than book reviews. Some day. Maybe.

Book #54 - Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie - This was one that I really liked the first time around and it held up in the second reading. Amazingly, I remembered nearly all the plot points. Nearly. Once again, murder and mayhem reign in England. This time at a girls' boarding school. Throw in some international intrigue, a schoolgirl who can put two and two together and Hercule Poirot and you have some good reading.

My hair is redder than it was yesterday and Vampire Wars is doing maintenance. What does that mean? Not much. Just that I had my hair done and I'm killing time until I can get back to killing other vamps in my game. Word!

I went out to pick up one last little gift for Hailey (her birthday's on Saturday) and couldn't find a thing. I guess I'll try again tomorrow. Some place different, I think.

My leg itches. Clearly that's a sign that it's time for me to go.